Cisco Attendant Console Options

Discussion created by ampm_25 on Apr 9, 2013
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We will so be looking to upgrade our CUCM v7.1(5) environment to the 8.x or 9.x platform and will, by unwanted necessity, have to upgrade our Attendant Console use from the built in/free option to a paid for and extra hardware option.


In reviewing the Cisco options offered on their website of business/department/enterprise/premium versions, they are all built on a Windows OS.  I find this wierd and unacceptable considering that Cisco itself has migrated just about all their products off the Windows OS platform (need to move them all).


I am wondering if others have used an alternative solution by a different vendor that uses a different OS than Windows, possibly appliance based.  This is wanted to avoid "Patch Tuesdays" and cut down on the amount of care and feeding of the functionality.  Oh, how I will miss the built-in/free AC days!


Some of the third party vendors that I've heard about but have no experience with are:



If you have had experience with any of these or can suggest others, I would greatly appreciate it.