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PCCE questions

Question asked by senthilnatarajan on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by Esraldidarmawanto

1. Changing the routing client name. Currently they are pre-configured as

  • CVP_PG_1A
  • CVP_PG_1B
  • CVP_PG_2A
  • CVP_PG_2B

Can they be changed to server host names. Reason for asking is, our CVP developer want this to accomplish some programming on her end (to set dynamic audio path etc in studio scripting)

2. BTW, I haven't ran the final step of the installation guide (deployment type). So my question is, how to change them, after I ran the 'deployment type' validation script?

3. Is there a Cisco documentation in what configuration tool are available after we convert the deployment as PCCE (Routing client, NVRU etc)