CUC 9.1 migration to VM process

Discussion created by TheCowStir on Apr 8, 2013
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I am working on migrating our CUC 8.5 physical cluster to 9.1.1 on VMware, however the documentation doesn't seem to have a clear path for a clustered CUC installation.


I am referring to the following document:


I have upgraded the physical servers to 9.1 per the document, however where the document falls down is how to then migrate to a virtual environment (unless I am missing it).  The document gives directions on how to migrate for a standalone installation, but not a cluster.


Is it possible to remove one physical server from the cluster, then add a new VM to the cluster, switch roles after replication has completed (publisher/subscriber), remove the old physical publisher(now subscriber) and add a new vm subscriber?  Then swap roles again if you want to maintain subscriber/publisher locations?


I would like to keep the existing IP addresses if possible, but changing IP addresses isn't a deal breaker if I have to.


Or is it best practice to break the cluster down to standalone, then follow the document for migrating a physical standalone to virtual standalone?


As seems common in this section, please don't suggest calling the PDI helpdesk as I am not a partner.