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CUCM SIP Trunking Call Forwarding Issue

Question asked by seungkijung on Apr 4, 2013
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I'm testing SIP Trunking with SIP early offer.

I use CUCM, with CUBE 15.1(4)M.


If I tick 'MTP required' on the SIP Trunk, it works fine. This always use MTP for every call so not scalable.


But, if I tick "Early Offer support ...(insert MTP if needed)" and "Send send-receive SDP in mid-call INVITE" on SIP Profile, then Call Forward completes but no speech both ways.


What I notice is CUCM doesn't invoke MTP for call forward at all.


When I test Call Transfer, CUCM invokes MTP briefly and release it after the call is transfered.


Is it a CUCM bug or did I miss any configuration for it to work?