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Checking if user on phone with auto attendant script for CUE

Question asked by on Mar 16, 2013
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I have a customer with a UC520 that needs the following auto attendant behavior when a menu item is selected:


If user at extension xxxx is on phone, put call on hold for 20 seconds, then try again. Repeat this until 120 seconds is up, then send to a different hunt group for someone to answer, if the hunt group doesn't answer, it goes back to users voicemail. The hunt group is setup and works fine.


I set up some logic using the CUE Script Editor that does the following:


sets a counter to 0 based on number of pauses


1. Checks if counter is less than 6 and tries a call redirect to XXXX

     a.  If it's busy, it plays a prompt, then pauses 20 seconds, increments the counter. then goes back up to the call redirect

      b. If it's free, it completes the call and ends the auto attendant

2. If the counter reaches 6, it transfers the caller to another hunt group.


What I'm experiencing is that the busy logic doesn't work. Since the user already has a voicemail account, it transfers to the voicemail on their phone instead of waiting in queue.


How can I accomplish this without removing the user's voicemail?


Thanks in advance!