Cucilync and Lync meetings

Discussion created by constantm on Mar 15, 2013
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I am working with a site that has Lync Server 2010 and CuciLync. I was not the one that implemented CuciLync so I could use a little direction. The issue is that when a regular user creates a meeting request using the Outlook New Online Meeting when anybody goes into the meeting Video/Audio/Desktop Sharing are all grayed out. There is another user that is at the site that we use to login that doesn't have a a phone or any information in CuciLync that I know of. When somebody uses that login and creates a meeting request as that person everything works fine in the meeting.


I have looked at conference policies and they are the same for everybody. I have looked at firewall/proxy's as being the possible issue with no luck.


The last thing I am thinking of is that something with the setup of CuciLync is blocking those in a meeting. What would I do to confirm this as being the case? Are there certain GPO's/Registries I should look at on the computer? Is there something in CUCM that can set that "feature". PC-To-PC desktop sharing works fine. I just find it strange that the person that I was testing that didn't have CuciLync works fine. The other two I tested that use CuciLync have the issue.


I created a machine with a fresh copy of Windows 7 and didn't join in to the domain. When I log into it as a local user and sign into Lync as one of the users experiencing the issue and try to go into one of his meetings still everything is grayed out. But if I use a meeting request that was created by the user that is not using CuciLync he can join and all meeting options are available.