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Provisioning CUCM 9.1 , Meetingplace 8.5 , IM & Presence and ELM as VMware environment

Question asked by amit_thakkar on Mar 11, 2013
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Dear All,


I have provision the 4 hard-disk(300 each disk space) in RAID-5 as VMware environment.



Requirement:  Using UCS 210m2 physical server


As per below mention provision for CUCM 9.1 / Meetingplace / IM & Presence and ELM server.


1>  VMware 1:  CUCM v9.1(1a)

2>  VMware 2:  Meetingplace 8.5

3>  VMware 3:  IM & Presence 9.1

4>  VMware 4:  ELM server (To manage licenses for all server)



To achieve above requirement I am using 4 physical hard-disk (each disk content 300GB space) in RAID-5 as VMware environment.


Question: Will it possible with RAID-5? Or will I need to use RAID-10 to achieve above requirement? If NO,

Then please assist for the same.


If any assist on it, I would highly appreciate the support..