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ME3600X MPLS-FRR support over routed etherchannel interface

Question asked by octavio.alfageme on Mar 8, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by innetee9228

Hi everyone,


Next week, I expect to receive several ME3600X for a metro ethernet network deployment. I would like to use MPLS over routed 802.3ad etherchannels of GE interfaces. Taking a look at the configuration manuals I found the following statement:


The switch supports MPLS TE fast reroute over only routed ports and not over SVIs or EtherChannels.


According to what I understand (please, keep in mind English is not my mothertongue) FRR would be supported in my configuration as I would be using a routed interface even though it's an etherchannel. I understand that FRR restriction applies to bridged interfaces like SCI and l2 ethercannels. Is it correct?


Thanks in advance