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Request of Unified Communication Solution READ MATERIAL

Question asked by Edson_Vuma on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2013 by Edson_Vuma

Hi, everyone.


I am actually preparing a cientific document at my university and I have a lot of things to read.

So, I have chosen to right  about Cisco Unified Communication Solution.

I will organize my document in chapters, but at first, I need this base, all material about Unified Communication, how did this concept started and why.

Which are the benefits of it and all this info.....etc


The second step, is to choose the best products of this UNIFIED COMMUNICATION Solution, how to choose, according to a specific case-study needs.



Please, send as many books/links as you find.


If are from different autors, would be better.


Can you help me on this??

Is very important for me.


Best regard and best wishes

Edson Vuma