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Addon UCM 9.x licenses for existing deployment

Question asked by yiqinc2004 on Mar 6, 2013
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Can anyone please throw some light on the UCM Addon licenses we need to pick for existing deployment.


Scenario: I want to migrate 1000 DLU's to 9.x for which i will pick 'LIC-CUCM-9X-ENH-B' under R-UCL-UCM-LIC-K9 bundle and I need additional 300 enhanced plus users. Do I need to pick the same bundle twice - since Cisco does not allow me to select both migration skus and addon skus under the bundle 'R-UCL-UCM-LIC-K9' at one instance.


I remember earlier we had 'CUCM-USR-LIC-ADD' bundle for 8.5/8.6 where we can select addon users - do we have any such bundle for 9.x.