CUCILYNC copy&paste from Communicator2007/office2010 convert name in numeric nbr instead taking GAL info

Discussion created by robertvandoren on Feb 13, 2013
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Within Communicator2007 I can use the Cucilync plug-in to place a call with my Cisco IP phone v8.6 - he used the GAL to find number to dial. That's working perfectly.


When doing a drag and drop from name in the Communicator list, the Cisco IP softphone is converting the name of the person as numeric number instead of using the GAL that provide the correct number. Obviously that doesn't work...


Same when typing a name in MS Word 2010, as example, and clicking on the Cucilync plugin in the Office toolbar - it convert the name in numeric nbr instead of using the GAL to pick up the phone number. Obviously it doesn't work.

Any idea how to do that ?