Coming Jan 17: Announcing New Collaboration-Ready Virtual Desktop

Discussion created by ladougla on Jan 10, 2013

We have an announcement coming on Jan 17. This community is the way we educate you -- our customers and prospective customers -- on our innovations on the day they are announced so you are among the first to know. We encourage you to participate in our announcement webcast on Jan 17 from 9-9:30 a.m. Pacific Time with live Q&A through this community. New for this announcement: when you register for the announcement webcast you also get access to a technical presentation by product experts on demand. We recommend you get an introduction to the announcements by watching the announcement webcast and then continue onto viewing the 60-minute tech presentation for more details.


About the Jan 17 Announcement -- we can't pre-announce the solutions before Jan 17 but can say :


With a collaboration-ready desktop virtualization solution you can empower your employees to engage in ways that help them reach new levels of productivity for your business.


With innovations that Cisco announced on January 17, Cisco is continuing to evolve the virtual desktop into a virtual workspace with new software-enabled collaboration experiences that make it easier to communicate and collaborate in real time using your preferred collaboration method.


Register now to watch our announcement webcast . Learn directly from Cisco desktop virtualization and collaboration product leaders as they provide strategic insights and product demonstrations. Discover:

• Market trends and customer requirements affecting desktop virtualization

• Cisco’s differentiated end-to-end desktop virtualization strategy and solutions

• Innovations in Cisco’s virtual workspace (overview and demonstrations)

• Answers to your questions from experts who will be online to respond through the discussion forums


After viewing the webcast, learn more details about these innovations from solution experts by watching our technical presentation on demand (included in your registration).


Take action to register now, and block your calendar to watch on Jan 17.


Laura Douglas

Cisco Collaboration Community Manager