EX90 EX60 TE6.0 - receive TP calls on mobile phone?

Discussion created by J_Vansen_S on Dec 22, 2012
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hi All,


We have successfully upgrade our unit of EX90 and EX60 to the TE6.0 registering to the CUCM.




According to the blog:


"It also seamlessly integrates with CUCM so you can more easily collaborate, for example receive and retrieve voicemail on your EX system, or receive telepresence calls on your mobile phone and then transfer the call to the EX once you return to the office"


Appreciate if anyone can shed some highlights or elaborate the statement : "receive TP calls on your mobile phone~? --> Transfer call to EX"


May i know what sort of feature is this statement referring to?

Is this the Unified Mobility, mobile Connect, Single Number Reach? or it is a special feature on the TE6; which i did not come across on the latest release notes/guide


My biggest doubt

  • How is it possible to receive TP calls on my mobile phone? Cisco Jabber on iPhone does no Video.
  • How can calls to GSM on mobile phone be passed back to the EX90 sitting in the enterprise network.


Please advise.