Cat 6500 Sup 2T and 6848 line card QoS question

Discussion created by nick.mueller on Nov 30, 2012
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I am trying to wrap my head around Cat 6500 QoS with the new Sup 2T and 6848 line card and the new more-MQC-like QoS.


I am working with a client that intends to connect some servers and even a few power users to a 6500 with Sup 2T and 6848.


I have examined the Smart Business Architecture LAN Configuration docs (6500 in Appendix D):


and examined the 6500 Sup 2T whitepaper:


and the 6500 software config guide QoS section:


And I still have a few questions.  The use of MQC-like language for Queuing is fairly understandable as it is similar to Cat 4500 with Sup6/7.  But where I am still a little confused is Ingress classification and marking.


For example, if I have a server or an end user directly attached to a 6848 port, and I want to classify inbound traffic using ACLs, class-maps and a policy-map, do I attach both a lan-queuing service policy AND an input service policy?


For example:


int g1/1

service-policy input qos-ACCESS

service-policy type lan-queuing input p_map_2q8t

service-policy type lan-queuing output p_map_1p3q8t