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Previously Working iPhone Client not Connecting Until Device Config is "Saved"

Question asked by gary_parker on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2012 by gary_parker

Afternoon all, I recently posted this on the regular support forums and got no response at all so figured I'd have another go here.


I've got a strange little issue with around 5 or 6 of our iPhone users who are setup with the Jabber client (voice, not IM). The client will operate fine for a few weeks then for no apparent reason stop connecting. Going into the troubleshooting page within the app I can see the connection status for directory and voicemail are fine but Desk Phone Integration and Internet Calling get stuck forever on "connecting". Experimentation found that going into the device's "Phone Configuration" page on CUCM and simply clicking "Save" with no changes actually made made saw the device connect immediately and operate fine again for a few weeks until the same behaviour returned.


Is this a known issue or is it worth opening a TAC case?


We're on CUCM, with the iPhone client