DLU TO CUWL Migration

Discussion created by KVKRISHNA on Sep 30, 2012
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One of our customer is currently having CUCM 7.1 with 1000 DLUs. They would like to upgrade the CUCM to 9.x  and they would like to migrate to CUWL. What is the correct way of deciding the user count in CUWL if the customer is currently using DLU. Taking 4 dlu per user it comes to around 250 users.

So shall we quote 250 standard users in our CUWL proposal.


My another scenarios is below.


1. customer user count is 100 and current installed DLU is 1000. They would like to upgrade the CUCM to 9.x from 7.x. The user count requried is only 100 standard users.  If we migrate only 100 users and generate a quote for 100 standard users, what will happen to the remaining DLU's. Will it be migrated automatically.