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The last couple of Unity Connection releases have lacked some basic and much needed improvements, in my mind. Please consider the following:


1. Allow Port Status Monitor IP address wildcards. With DHCP the default workstation method, administrators have to modify this parameter every time they want to use Port Status Monitor. If you can't do that, please make it so that the IP address updates automatically. In 8.6.2 we have to wait 3-5 minutes for the IP address to be recognized.


2. Fix the admin web pages so that you can sort all columns. This is on many pages.


3. Allow copying of call handlers in particular, as well as COS. Often there are only one or two fields different between objects.


4. Allow LDAP import to search by extension number. If LDAP is populated with the extension, for new office turn-ups in particular, it would be nice to import all LDAP users with extensions beginning with X.


5. Drop there requirement for QuickTime from Web Inbox, not all my customers are happy to have to support this, allow multiple players.


6. Update the Java script for Cisco PCA so that it does not require you to have a particularly OLD version.


7. Allow dependency searches on the Opening Greeting and other default objects. Currently they are greyed out. The default objects are often the ones I most care to know where they are used to correct loops/poor routing.


8. Allow public distribution lists to be updated/synched directly from LDAP. Customers don't want to have to maintain in two different locations.


9. Allow distribution list to be owners of Call Handlers for ease of using Greetings Administrator.


10. Allow dependency search on System Distribution Lists


11. Change the wording on the voicemail TUI credential policy to say "Change PIN" or "Change Voicemail PIN". "Password" is indicative of an alphanumeric password, like what you use for CiscoPCA. It is confusing and not in line with the Communications Manager credential policies.


12. Allow the addition of new roles or modification of system default roles, with the exception of the "System Administrator" role, of course.


13. When adding a new user to Connection, default the user template selection to <none> or <select one> instead of automatically selecting the first template in the list.  This causes mailboxes to inadvertently be added to incorrect distribution lists and schedules, at a minimum.