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C3KX-SM-10G Quantity

Question asked by CSCO11142276 on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2012 by dschnour

Hi All Experts,


Need your help!


Can someone please advise how many C3KX-SM-10G sevice modules one would generally require in a stack of 4*3750x switches at access to;


1). Collect reasonably good or acceptable level of netflow stats for traffic belongs to access layer and/or flowing between access and core?

2). Enable Macsec between access and core?


My initial plan is to;


1). Cross connect this new 3750x stack to my existing core 6509E switches through 2*10Gb SFP+ connections from two C3KX-SM-10G sevice modules installed in top and bottom switch.

2). Another architectural thought is to use 10Gb links from 1* C3KX-SM-10G and 1*C3KX-NM-10G installed in top and  bottom switch?

3). Last, which I'd hate or scared to even envisage due to commercial reasons, do I need a service module in each switch in the stack to ensure desired Netlow and Macsec results can be achieved?


Can you please advise supported architectures from above and your recommendation as part of best design practices?


Many thanks in advance!