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MCS - CUCM compatibility

Question asked by dkrauss001 on Jun 28, 2012
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We have a large customer who would like to upgrade CUCM to 8.6(x)

They have a mixture of MCS servers currently in thier cluster. The subscriber MCS model types are all:

  • MCS7845H2-K9-CMC2
  • MCS7845H2-K9-CMA2
  • MCS7845-H2-IPC1


According to the Compatibility matrix at

The MCS server ending in CMC2 is supported with a memory upgrade, to go to CUCM 8.6

And the servers ending in CMA2 and IPC1 are not, and can only be used as bridge servers.


The customer has previously upgraded all the models to 4 Gig RAM and 146 GB disk drives.

Based on the data sheets, these servers are all identical now.

But the compatibility matrix does not have the CMA2 and IPC1 as a supported server with a memory upgrade. It lists it as "bridge" only


Need help as the customer would like to use all his current servers and is asking why?