Communications Manager 7.1(5) End-of-Sale

Discussion created by lalo.rdz on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by ahmed.bensalah

I have a customer that would like to upgrade their callmanager to version 7.1(5) because this is the latest version supported in their existing hardware and they don't want to replace the hardware at this moment.


There is an End-of-Sale announcement for 7.1, although it does not specifies if the end of sale is only for version 7.1(2) or if it applies to version 7.1(5):


My questions are:


1) Can they still purchase the 7.1(5) upgrade after the June 22, 2012 date on the end-of-sale announcement?

2) If they can't, can they migrate to CUWL and still be able to download and upgrade to version 7.1(5) using the Product Upgrade Tool?

3) Can they purchase the 9 x 3 promotion and still be able to upgrade to 7.1(5)?