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Future of Cisco IP Communicator

Question asked by shanee420 on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by Bryan Morris



One of our CUCM customers would like to have soft phone capability. The customer doesnt have CUP. So I was planning to propose the good old CIPC. Just to make sure Cisco has not discontinuted it, I looked at the release notes and found out there is a CIPC version 8.6 out. So that tells me the product is still alive and Cisco has not stopped developing it.


However, i chanced upon a slide (attached) in one of the UC 9 training presentations on Cisco Jabber for Windows where the roadmap for Jabber for Windows is discussed that says in 2H2012, there will be an option for modular deployement for Cisco Jabber for Windows which would allow Jabber deployement as a soft phone only client.


I am just wondering if that means, Cisco IPC is going to be phased out when that happens. If thats so, we should stop positioning Cisco IPC as a remote working solution.


Can anyone comment if its still reasonable to propose Cisco IPC as a soft phone solution? and what is Cisco's medium to long term strategy on Cisco IPC?