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consolidating 2 unity servers from 2 different clusters into 1

Question asked by musademirel on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by musademirel

Hi all,


I like to ask if anyone has dealt with a similar scenario. I have 2 independent CUCM v6 clusters. I also have 2 unity environments hosting each cluster. one on version 5 and the other on unity connect v8. I need to phase out the existing old version 5 and consolidate all unity users into version 8. This means both clusters pointing to the same unity box. Both sites run over VPN and connect via intercluster trunk.

With regards to licencing we will consolidate the unity version 5 licenses. Does anyone have an overview idea of the steps to take and any pitfalls to avoid? I realise you have to create a new phone system and add the additional subscribers in the second cluster. Furthermore i know you have to create new ports and pilot /hunt /line groups.


Any past experiences or suggestions welcome.