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Error Message using "install nexus 1010" command

Question asked by mjflippen on May 7, 2012
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Recieved following error message when trying to upgrade Nexus 1010 from nexus-1010.4.2.1.sp1.2 to nexus-1010.4.2.1.sp1.4 file had been copied to Active 1010 in HA cluster using scp:  "Nexus1010# copy scp:// bootflash:/repository"



Nexus1010# install nexus1010 bootflash:repository/nexus-1010.4.2.1.sp1.4.iso


cppa_mgr debug: Using URI: bootflash:/repository/nexus-1010.4.2.1.sp1.4.iso

File nexus-1010.4.2.1.sp1.4.iso was not copied correctly to repository

cppa_mgr debug: Could not copy image to repository"