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CUC 8.5.1 delete call hander - bug?

Question asked by maratimer on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by maratimer

Trying to delete a system call handler which is no longer in use.  I have removed all dependancies yet I still get error "object is in use".  I ran the DB query


run cuc dbquery unitydirdb select * from vw_handlerreference where  objectid in (select objectid from tbl_handler where  fn_tolower(displayname) = lower('XXX Greeting'));


I get the following:


admin:ACE_File_Lock::ACE_File_Lock: Permission denied /dev/shm/CCM_GENstatusLock_0


I am logged into putty with the unityinstall account so know there are no permission issues.  Is this a bug?  I understood there was a bug with this in 7.x but thought it was fixed long ago.