required further understanding on Licences to set up VoIP

Discussion created by Guest on Apr 21, 2012
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  • I have got client who makes call to South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Philippines, etc... I need to set up VoIP solution.
  • HQ is based in UK. Priority is to set up VoIP solution at HQ and then implement it across the world.


  • I am thinking to order 2951 router, two 2960s 48 port PoE switches and 7962 phones for 75 users based in UK. After successful deployment at UK, I have to set up VoIP at other branches.


  • what licenses do i required?
  • What is the best and stable version of CUCME i need to get hold of?
  • Once HQ is running successful VoIP, How do i connect other branches to connect to UK?
  • what can be other licencing i will need in place for successful VoIP connection across all branches?
  • I can buy 79xx series phones, connect to PoE switch via patch to use it. Do i need licence to use these Phones? (I hope not)
  • Does Unity Express reside in the router? It also stores Voice Mails too so that i do not need to buy network module. Is my understanding correct? If I have miss understood then please correct me.



Hoping to get started with your help.