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BE7 .. Call Queuing .. 3 users in Hunt Group?

Question asked by on Mar 16, 2012
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Customer has a Business Edition 7 ... It's a hopital and he wants to have 3 users in a call center kind of environment but basically he only wants is 3 people in one hunt group so that calls can be routed according to busy idle. Now, he wants to have the callers wait in the queue and listen to the music and a message "stay in the queue please" kind of... and also day of time routing.. means from 8am - 5pm it will be routed to that hunt group and then will go to a voicemail message (and AA will send a message leave your VM as out of office)...


I believe it can be done as it's very simple and straight forward.. but just wanted to have second thoughts as I am not able to find BE 7 ordering guide.