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CUWL configuration issues with Softclient options

Question asked by saraphillips on Feb 27, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2012 by jsunzeri



Does anybody know if CISCO has changed the ordering process for CUWL licensing again?


I have a configuration that worked fine last week but if I try to run it today is giving me errors.


Presence Options selected --> Webex IM

Optional Softclients --> IP Communicator


Today, the IP Communicator doesn't show under "Optional Softclients" it has been moved under:

Presence Options--> Presence On the Premise--> Client Options....


If a customer decides to go with Webex IM, they cannot select the IP Communicator, because that one is under "Presence on the Premise" and as everybody knows you cannot select Webex IM and Presence on the Premise, you have to choose one.


As far as I knor the IP Communicator is not a Client for Presence either....why would it be under this option?


Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, all of our orders are on hold because the configurations do not work and need to be changed, this is not a matter of choosing a different option it entitles additional HW resources for the presence application if they cannot select WebexIM.


Thank you,