Meetingplace 8 type 2(schedule via webex) video not active (EMS)

Discussion created by wisit_jan on Jan 30, 2012
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I have 2 problem with meetingplace 8(EMS) shecdule via webex

1. Video Not Active when schedule via webex

I shedule via webex (mycustomer.webex.com) web meeting is ok. Audio call back to IP Phone(9971) and can join audio to meeting but video not active.

I can call to Meetingplace number and create meeting via IP Phone, video can joined to meetingplace


2. call in to Meetingplace audio not join to webex meeting

When i schedule web conference via webex then and I call-in from IP Phone to Meetingplace number. I enter profile number before join to conference. I can joined to web conference but audio not associate with user on web conference


please suggest me for reslove my problem