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CME Question on 2 different PRI DID ranges

Question asked by on Jan 2, 2012
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Hello there,


I have a Cisco 2921 CME Router.  It has 2 Numbers MFT Cards (1 Port each).  I have terminated 2 PRI lines on each of the card.


On card one I have DID range 41292400 to 41292499 and my extensions are 2400 to 2499 and outgoing calls get routed through the serial 0/0/0:15


On the new card I want to configure the other DID range 41292800 to 41292899, with extensions 2800 to 2899, can any body let me know how to route the

calls from extensions 2800 to 2899 through the new card ie serial 0/0/1:15 and it should show up the new DID range whenever the user calls the PSTN.  Should I use COR to control this and if yes, how.


A quick reply appreciated.and thanked.


- Rao