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CUCM 6.1.4 up to 8.6 - MCS to VMWare

Question asked by doug-curror on Dec 22, 2011
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we are looking to upgrade a customer from 6.1.4 to 8.6, and at the same time migrate them from their MCS7816-I3 onto the customer's existing IBM Blade Centre.  The current MCS7816 servers have only 2G RAM (and is now EOS so no supported RAM upgrade is available), which is part of the reason they want to change platforms.

For us to do the upgrade/migration, I think we need to to the upgrade on the MCS servers, and then restore them to the Virtual servers which would have 8.6 preloaded.  My question is can we do the upgrade to 8.6 on the 7816 with the limited RAM?


The customer has about 250 users across 7 sites and we are using the 3+3 migration kit.