Voice Translation Rules

Discussion created by abdullahhashim on Dec 22, 2011
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Please can you help me to make a good Translation rule in my issue


Office A has extension : 15..     (1570,1571,1572....) in Mainz external telefon is 06131 74....

Office B  Has extension : 25..   (2501,2502,2505,....) in Frankfurt  external telefon is 069 69....


connection between A and B over Wan and PSTN


for the dial Peer over Wan i don't have any Problem


but  I need to make a Translation Rules that if the Office A need to make Phone make that from Frankfurt PSTN not from Mainz


Mean all Phone go to Frankfurt any customer should see only frankfurt number or office B not A (TEHO) system


office A should use the Mainz PSTN if WAN has failed


all telefon should from A to B over WAN




can you please help me


thank you