AA Script Mod - Prepend digits to AA Dial-By-Ext function

Discussion created by lihuizhan on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2011 by lihuizhan

Can someone please assist us with modifying a standard CUE script made by the CUE web GUI? We need a little help accomplishing this with the CUE Editor. We need to modify the dial-by-extension function of Auto Attendant to prepend digits to numbers dialed using the global dial-by-extension function of the script. We have CUE 7.06.


For example if someone calls into the AA and dials 111 that number gets outputted to the CME as 555111, which will match incoming dial-deer on the CME as 555…


I can provide a script file to be modified, that would allow us to compare and change other scripts as necessary. We would really appreciate the help as our environment is incomplete without this fix. Please let us know what to do, thanks.