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Whisper coaching and Whisper Intercom

Question asked by patrick.lepage on Nov 11, 2011
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CUCM 8.5 has introduced Whisper Coaching. I'm confused between Whisper coaching and whisper intercom. I'm trying to understand the whisper coaching feature. Is whisper coaching uses whisper intercom feature? When turning a silent monitoring (SM) session into a whisper coaching (WC) session, does it requires another DN on the phone (such as an intercom DN)? Does the agent need a Talkback button (which is available for whisper coaching) on the phone to talk back to supervisor while being muted from caller/customer perspective.


The CUCM Features doc is pretty light around whisper coaching. It simply state that a SM session can be turned into a WC session, but nothing around the config required (at DN, CUCM, phone level) to run the feature...except the BiB...


Anybody could shared some use cases they implemented in the field?

Any config guidelines will be appreciated...


Have a good day!