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4.1 to 8.6 Upgade - New hardware

Question asked by cspgfphilly on Nov 2, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2011 by dakeller

I see there are a lot of discussions on this and how you have to upgrade to version 7 first.  I am getting ready to do this migration this weekend.  It is only two servers and a smaller installation - about 150 phones.  Right now I am running on two HP DL 320 G3 servers which are supposed for version 7 and 8 is supported in a bridged mode upgrade.  I already have purchased two MCS-7816I5-K9-CMD2 servers which are supported for version 8.  The surprise came when I looked and they are not supported for version 7 at all.  My plan was to use DMA to migrate from the old HP servers to the new Cisco servers on version 7 and then upgrade to version 8 on the new hardware.  Does anyone know if I will be able to install version 7 on these MCS servers even if they are not supported?


Also, what am I able to do before the actual migration?  Can I install DMA and install all of the new software beforehand and then point the phones to the new server?  I read about the firmware versions on the phone which would be a problem.  I want to do as much of this as I can before the weekend because I will have limited down time.


Thank you for your help.