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CUPC Caller id "Unknown"

Question asked by balukr on Oct 12, 2011
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Customer is running CUCM version 7.1.3, Presence 8.6, CUPC 8.5.3 . All the basic CUPS functions are working as it should be except one thing when ever an outbound PSTN call from CUPC is made caller ID is not going through,  on the reciever end it shows the calling number as "Unknown" . This happens in both Softphone and Deskphone mode from CUPC. Yes, customer has PRI's and if you call directly from deskphone caller ID works fine. Since this is my presence install not sure this is normal or I missed someting in the configuration. I know it uses Application Dial Rules to dial out but not sure how to pass this Caller ID from there. Thanks for your help in Advance.