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Upgrading 4.x to 8.x CUWL Licensing

Question asked by mstorm on Oct 4, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by tiberiekirijas



I want to upgrade a customer from CUCM 4.x to 8.5, Unity to Unity Connection 8.x and then add CCX with 30 Premium Agents, as well as change the hardware to UCS.


I know of the 3&3 for both CUCM and Unity, but we would like to use CUWL.


As far as I can see you should use the CUWL-LIC-STD-K9, then select UWL-UPG-CM+UTY-ST as they already have CUCM and Unity.

CCX will then also be quoted seperately unless Pro licences are purchased, and then they will also need an upgrade to Premium


It also says that the CUCM and Unity software will not ship and the PUT should be used to obtain the software.


So my question is, if the customer currently does not have a UCSS contract, and he purchases the abovementioned part numbers (UCSS is included), can they then order the upgrade (CUCM & Unity) via PUT after ordering, or must they already have an existing UCSS contract covering version 4?