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Additional CUWL Licensing CUCMBE 7.x

Question asked by ryanmorgan on Oct 3, 2011
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I have a query regarding adding additional users to an existing CUWL CUCMBE implementation.


A customer of ours purchased a Business Edition solution in Q1 2010; the platform was installed as version 7.1 and based on the Unified Workspace Licensing model.


The customer is expanding and now needs to add additional users onto the platform; this version of the CUCMBE product is now End of Sale [EoS]


My question is as follows: is it possible to order additional CUWL licensing for the platform as is? or like 'a la carte' installations does the platform need to be upgraded to a current shipping release before licensing can be added?


The customer has ESW and UCSS as 3 year agreements were purchased on the original order however they would like to avoid upgrades at this time if possible.




Ryan Morgan