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Cisco UCX Enhanced with CUCM

Question asked by misterhaq on Sep 26, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2011 by gselthof

Good Afternoon Guys


I am due to start a project to begin the implementation of Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express (enhanced) and its full integration with Cisco Unity 7.0.1 and Cisco UCM

it will be put into place eventually for our IT helpdesk.

Although I am in a team that administers CUCM/unity on a daily basis - this UCX project is something that I havent worked with before. We are literally starting from the very ground up.


We dont have UC as our emails are in the cloud.


Can I please ask the following:


Does this application need to be installed on a seperate server or should it be installed on our CUCM Publisher for example? (That is a IBM 7825 server.)

We are not going high availablity with UCX.




if we go seperate with a new sole built server ( which is fine ), should we keep it as the same model of server as the CUCM?


and lastly,


What is the latest stable version of UCX that I can use with CUCM


Thanks for all your help in advance - this is the start of my journey on my way to CCNP voice.