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Paging via cell-phone

Question asked by on Sep 24, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2011 by dakeller

I have a school district with UCM ver 6, 2800 vg's in each of the buildings with a h323 trunks to their legacy paging systems.

Paging works as it should within the buildings.


They have asked if I can setup ability to dial-in from outside (cell-phone, home-phone etc) and be able to page

in case of an emergency.


My thought is to do the following- not sure if this will work though?


1. Assign a DID of the PRI to use for this requirement


2. Create new route pattern with a forced authorization code. Note I don't want to leave this unsecure

in case someone randomly calls the DID I have assigned!!


3. create a voice-translation rule in the gateway where the PRI terminates.


4. translate the DID to the route pattern for the paging trunk.


Will this work?

If so, I need to make sure that the route pattern will enforce the FAC.


Any thoughts, comments, or idea's on a better way would be appreciated.