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Is it possible to integrate 3rd party WiFi phones with UC Manager Express 8.6?

Question asked by juan.astudillo on Sep 14, 2011
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I'm trying to find out if it's possible to integrate 3rd party WiFi SIP phones to the Unified Communications Manager Express v8.6.


I found these licenses:

NameCatalog NumVendorDescriptionUnit
SW-CCME-UL-3PSIPM=SW-CCME-UL-3PSIPM=CiscoCallManager Express UL For Multi Line 3rd Party SIP Phone300,00
SW-CCME-UL-3PSIPS=SW-CCME-UL-3PSIPS=CiscoCallManager Express UL For Single Line 3rd Party SIP Phones150,00

But I'm not sure if they will work.


My client has 20 WiFi SIP phones WPU-7800 by UniData and I would like to know if these phones will work with the UC Manager Express.


These phones support IEEE RFC3261 SIP.


Thank you very much.


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Juan Diego Astudillo D.