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CUCMBE Workspace - conflict between CCW and Online configurator-NetFormx

Question asked by jeff-krauss on Sep 13, 2011
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When I configure CUCMBE-WRKSP-BDL in NetFormx (or in the online Configuration Tool), it offers me the following for the 1 year UCSS part number (customer is gov't):  UCSS-CMBE-WL1.

However, when our internal folks go to order the quoted configuration using CCW (Cisco Commerce Workspace), it ONLY offers UCSS-U-CMBE-WL-1-1 for the 1 year UCSS.

In both the current CUCMBE ordering guide and in the price list, I only see part numbers associated with UCSS-CMBE-WL.  I don't see anything for UCSS-U-CMBE.

This is creating problems for us to order.

Is this a change in part numbers that just hasn't propagated to NetFormx and the online configurator?  If not, why is there a difference between the tools?


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