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Replacement for L-UCSS-CMBE-1-50

Question asked by saraphillips on Aug 25, 2011
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I'm trying to find a replacement for L-UCSS-CMBE-1-50, the EOS announcement says that the parts for BE5K can be used instead but how transparent is this? If I select the L-UCSS-BE-KENH-1-1 (qty 50) then I would also have to select UCSS for voicemail L-UCSS-BE-KVM-1-1 (qty 50), just to replace part L-UCSS-CMBE-1-50, correct?


What about those customers looking to add licenses to their older versions of Business Edition? For example this license ->

CUCM-BE-10USR, the EOS announcement indicates the 5K as the new skus to use and it says that is just a change in name but not functionality. However, as far asI know if a customer buys any of the 5K licenses they would get 7.1.5 version not any of the older versions, correct? so in order to provide a 5K license we have to warn the customer that they should move to version 7.1.5. This is not just a direct replacement like the EOS implies.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, I haven't had any luck with the UCSS team, they do not know what part numbers to use for the CMBE licenses since this L-UCSS-CMBE-1-50 is discontinued.


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