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Facing problem with "Place Call step" in CUE script

Question asked by amitprshad on Aug 24, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2011 by karmakar



My customer has a requirement of dialing a call outside once it hits the IVR similar to MVA feature in CUCM.Hence I’ve created a custom script(attached).


Now the problem I am facing is that when try to upload the same script in CUE web page then I get an error saying “Adding a script failed- The script contains unsupported steps or is corrupt” and when I remove this “place call step” from my script and then upload the script it gets uploaded normally. I am using CUCM ver 7.1.3 and Voice gateway 3925 in which CUE ver. installed in SM module.


I’ve attached the script, place call step and error screenshots in the mail for reference. Request for your help