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Lack of support for ATA187 in CUCME and UC560

Question asked by on Jul 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by Srinivasan Kilambi

Very frustrated that the ATA186 has been withdrawn from sale while support for the ATA187 is so patchy. This is giving us real problems with a few UC projects we're currently working on. There are no ATA186s in the channel, grey market or Ebay (yes we really are that desperate!). The ATA187 is not presently supported by either CUCME or UC500 platforms. There are lots of people on support forums asking what they're supposed to do, and the answers posted by Cisco staff are pretty lame. The suggested alternative, the VG202, is three times the price (why?) so is not a viable option where projects have been priced up based on the cheaper technology.


I just can't understand how the product manager/department concerned can have allowed a situation to arise where you stop making something before there is a like-for-like alternative in place, in the process creating stress, anxiety, extra work and costs for the entire reseller community.


Can I suggest that until such time as there is proper support available for the ATA187, including sample configurations, you either reinstate the ATA186 or let us buy the VG202 at the same price as the ATA186/187?


In the meantime, if anyone has any work-arounds we would be very grateful.