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UCSS and ESW for CMBE5000 Advanced VM

Question asked by shanee420 on Jun 15, 2011
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I am trying to order a 50 seat CMBE5000 bundle with UCSS+ESW and would like to order 50 Advanced Voicemail licenses. The bundle comes with 50 Basic VM licenses so I have added upgrade to Advanced VM for 50 users. I am wondering if I need to add UCSS and ESW for both Basic Voicemail as well as for Basic to Advanced VM Skews or just the later?


In order words, do i need to include:


50 x CON-ESW-BVMUSR  @ 4$/user

50 x UCSS-BE-KVM-3-1  @ 8$/user


50 x UCSS-BE-KVMA-3-1 @ 17$/user

50 X CON-ESW-LICBE5K4 @ 8$/user


OR just


50 x UCSS-BE-KVMA-3-1