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what is the most cost efective CUCM cluster from 6.1(2) to 8.5(1)

Question asked by bobut on May 18, 2011
Latest reply on May 25, 2011 by brehamil

I will have to upgrade a CUCM cluster (CUCM, Unity Connection (2.0) CUPS (6.0) and CCX 5.0 to verison CUCM 8.5(1), Unity Connection 8.5(1) and CCX  8.5(1)

the customer had purchased CUWL in the past but in this moment he is not covered AT ALL for any UCSS or Software Assurance.


He can upgrade the system by reinstating CUWL or bu the 3&3 method. Which one is the most cost effective. Currently the system has only 36 users but he had 100CUWL user licenses (1101 authorized Units DLU  he us using right now 390 units if we calcualte that way)


thank you