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UCS C210M2 CIMC settings

Question asked by panjwani80 on May 16, 2011
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Hi Guys,


I am installing C210M2 server which has single management port. When I load the CIMC utility by pressing F8, there are options to select "NIC Modes" and "NIC Redundancy"


3 NIC Modes Settings


Dedicated - use single management port to access CIMC

Shared LOM - use 2 built-in Gb ethernet port to access CIMC

Cisco Card


3 NIC Redundancy Settings


None - The Ethernet ports operate independently and do not fail over if there is a problem

Active-Standby - If an active Ethernet port fails, traffic fails over to a standby port.

Active-Active - All Ethernet ports are utilized simultaneously.


my questions:


Q1) if I select dedicated NIC mode, since server only has single management port, I should select "None" in NIC Redundancy settings right?


Q2) UCS-C210M2-VCD2 has 6 ethernet ports, I intend to use 2 ports for ESXi, 2 ports for CUCM and 2 ports for this the right approach?


Q3) my understanding is NIC redundancy settings are in relation to CIMC management access and not for ESXi host?