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Issue with CUPC 8.5 PC and CUPC 7.1 MAC

Question asked by on Apr 21, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2011 by gregorybarcia

We are having an issue which seems to have stumpped even Cisco. 


We are running CUP 8.5.2 on the server.


A MAC 7.1 user IM's a PC user using CUPC 8.5 and they receive the message fine.  A reply is sent from the PC user and the MAC 7.1 client never receives it.  This is happening on all of our MAC's not just one account.  If this same person logs on to a PC version they can communicate without an issue.  No firewall or anti-virus software exists on any of the machines.


Presence status updates without issue between the two versions the only thing that seems to not work is IM's sent from the PC version to the MAC version.


Any help or insight would be appreciated.