Phone firmware upgrade /TFTP issues

Discussion created by d.marsh on Feb 11, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by bvanbenschoten

Hi anyone seen this?

I have a phone firmware upgrade to do and I done a test for 10, all ok, then I done 100, and 18 failed I looked at the devices and found that the TFTP address was set to on the devices for both TFTP 1 and TFTP 2. ahhah I pointed atthe DHCP guy and said its your fault. We checked out the DHCP and all was well, we got a new phone plugged it in and all was well with that. We reset, restarted, unplugged, deleted from DHCP, nothing worked unless we go into the phone menu and release the DHCP manually from there, and then it got the right TFTP address and upgraded ok.

So I am 110 phones into a firmware upgrade of 4000 and 15% have failed, any ideas of how to get this to work without touching each phone? open to any ideas crazier the better at this point. It has mainly been 7941 phones so far but the customer has a mixture and it has been seen on a 7911 also.