Viewmail for Outlook 2010

Discussion created by bergquist on Jan 26, 2011
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We are soon to be upgrading everyone to Office 2010 and according to Cisco TAC, they said that it is not supported yet. Has anyone been able to find a work around for doing this?


We are using Windows 7, Unity 7, Viewmail 7 for Outlook 2003, and Exchange 2007.


When I upgraded my (as well as a couple of other client machines) Outlook from 2003 to 2010, my viewmail still works, but I am unable to find where to configure/change any settings. On a new install of Office 2010 and Viewmail, I can therefore not find where to configure VMO.


Can someone please suggest how we will best be able to listen to VM via Unity/Exhange with Outlook 2010? I'm assuming there must be a way that the messages will still appear in the Inbox, but we can use Windows Media Player to listen to them?


But in that case, we will not have a WMI on the phones and the messages won't play from the phones? Please let me know if I am not understanding this correctly as it will be a major pain for our office.


Thank you.